My Story

So I was thinking about what to write today, on my second day writing for The Mommyverse when I was distracted by the About Me sections of blogs that I came across. I love reading what others have to say, and when I find someone that really captures my attention, I want to know their story. I want to really know who they are and how they got there. They are compelling, and I want to know more, like any good story. So I decided that I would tell my story today, and maybe it will be just as compelling for some of you.

I grew up in the Deep South. Think of a stereotype and I can probably give you a real life example. I am not ashamed, I love where I grew up and I am proud of heritage. But I also like progress, equal rights and melded cultures, so after I graduated with an Engineering degree from the University of Mississippi, I moved to Austin. I’ve been here ever since. I didn’t have a job when I moved, I just moved. I wanted to make films. My engineering degree was of little use the first five or so years I lived here. I made a zombie film and a short film or two. I wrote a lot, drank a lot (sorry Mom), painted, worked out and sort of bummed around. I had a lot of company, this is the city of aging artists and free spirits. But eventually I began to worry about things like retirement, rent, and if I ever had any, college tuition for my children. 

And then I met this guy. We had this weird, rocky start to our relationship and we eventually decided to just get married. Then shortly after we decided we should complicate things with a baby. In the meantime, I got a real job using that dusty old engineering degree. I had health insurance, a salary, and even an IRA. So I had a husband, a job, and a baby. I was starting to tick off life accomplishments as the years passed. Suddenly I find myself feeling a nudge to revisit my past. All the writing I used to do, the novel I put down and never edited. I did a little freelance writing here and there, started a new novel, but eventually it was too much with the husband, and career, and new baby. I put it down with the promise to myself that I would return to it. 

A year later baby number two is on the way, and I am beginning to feel differently about my situation. Work is more and more demanding and even more soul crushing. It becomes apparent that the owner of the small company I work for is a misogynist when he reneges on the raise my supervisor gave me at the beginning of the year. The reason being that I was going on maternity leave in two months. It was possibly grounds for a lawsuit, but probably not worth the stress. So I just cried at my desk silently and promised myself I would find something else. My husband and I agreed that I would return to work after my maternity leave and see what happened then. 

So here I am, back at work for almost a month now, and the company is in shambles. Apparently, the owner’s son embezzled money from the company, so more than half the employees quit after the owner refused to take any action. I wasn’t one of them. I’m stuck until I can do something else, because of that pesky insurance they pay for. I’ve gone to a few interviews, but they all want me to travel, and that’s impossible with a three month old and a two year old at home. For me it is. So now I am on a journey for a different kind of career. 

That is my story thus far. It has a climax, but no ending yet, for which I am grateful. Now it is time to get busy writing the rest of my story. 


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