Mother’s Day

Sunday is my big day. My husband already delivered on the present front, because he is out of town on business through next week. So I have a nice little box sitting on the counter, waiting to be opened. My two year old and my three month old, hereto be known as Squishy Bug and Panda, are going to get a pass this year on the account that neither one can use the bathroom independently much less use a debit card.

My mom is in town helping with my rug rats, though, so now I have to worry about making Mother’s Day awesome for her too. Lunch? Well obviously, I’m not going to get by without that one. It’s like ‘Happy Mother’s day! Here are some flowers! Hungry? I’m making grilled cheese!” So we will be dragging my spirited two year old and breastfeeding marathoner three month old out to lunch. Did I mention my father is also in town? Well, that’s important, because he hates going out to lunch. Or going out period. So he will be loads of fun waiting in line at some crowded restaurant on Mother’s Day with two screaming babies in tow. Yep, my day. Awesome.

But it is also her day, so I have to think of something awesome besides lunch and flowers. She has racked up some miles traveling between here and my home state to help me with the babies. She lived with us for almost three months to help when Panda was born. My husband would probably say that was an eternity, but he wasn’t recovering from a c section. She has been an enormous help, physically and financially many times. So she really deserves something special.

What are you getting your mother for Mother’s Day?  


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