Don’t Let The Man Get You Down

This blog is primarily devoted to my personal account of transitioning from my desk job in engineering to a writing job at home, sprinkled with a little helpful advice along the way for other mothers making a similar change. But I also want to talk about the emotional aspects of making the transition and what that means for you.

We always talk about the beginning of a new endeavor and the end, where it is accomplished. But I don’t feel like enough time is devoted to that big gap in between where you are actually working to make a change in your career or life. It’s usually the longest and hardest part of your journey. Like I have mentioned before, careers are like relationships. So after you decide to leave a relationship, you have to take some time and make some effort to get to the place you want to be. You send out resumes, you network, you write, study, whatever you do to prepare for that next career move, but often times there is also a lot of waiting. Waiting for responses, waiting for interviews, waiting for just anything to happen. Are during that period, you often grow farther and farther away from your current job situation. That’s when things start to get tricky.

Personally I have been slacking off at work. I don’t want to be here anymore and have mentally move to my new career. I also am spending more time working on my new endeavor. This affects my attitude, my mood, everything. And after a while, you can start to get kind of depressed. Your coworkers or boss might even catch on to your lack of interest at work and suspect you intend to leave, and that can create a hostel work environment. Awesome.

The obvious things are to keep doing your job at the quality level that you have always done it, or even a little better. That will take the eyes off of you and won’t endanger your lively hood before you are ready to make the move. Try to find positives at work each day, like the client that has become a friend or the fresh coffee every morning. On your breaks, let yourself daydream about your new career move. This will keep you motivated and cheerful. Some not so obvious things – apply the 80/20 rule to your work. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone I told you to do that. But if you work smart, you can probably accomplish your work in a quarter of your time at work. This will free you up to post your resume, do some social networking, and work on your website. I know, you are stealing company time. But think about how much time you waste during the day on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and what is that new one Snap something? Yeah, you probably waste time doing that too. So instead of wasting time being unproductive make that wasted time work for you.

Remember, it may take a while for you to find a new job or get enough clients to be able to replace your current income, so stay strong and keep focused. Change is inevitable, and chances of you being in the same position you are now in one year are slim. So take some time to envision where you will be then, smile, and get busy. Every single day is day closer to your dream job. 


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