It is the new four letter word, except it has six letters.  Nobody wants to eat it anymore. That terrible, awful gluten that is killing all of us. But do we really know what it is? Turns out, probably not. Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the street what gluten, and you can guess how that turned out. Seth Rogan is quoted as saying “Gluten is a vague term … used to categorize things that are bad”.  My facebook is flooded with friends on ‘gluten-free’ diets. Basically everyone hates gluten, but for different reasons. 

So I thought I would make a list of things that gluten is NOT for people who might be considering a gluten free diet:

1. a food additive

2. glue

3. tiny bugs

4. extra fat

5. stuff that jello is made out of (pretty sure that’s horse hooves)

6. poison

Here’s the deal: gluten is a protein found in a lot of whole grains. People with Celiac disease can’t tolerate it and it makes them sick. 1 in 130 people have Celiac disease. You should get tested before you diagnose yourself as having Celiac disease. Gluten will not make you fat and bread is delicious.  Go Gluten!


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