How to Look for a Job at your Job

As I am writing this, I am sure my boss has found my blog and is making grand plans of how to fire me. So just if he is reading this, I am NOT looking for work at work. That would be unethical. And dishonest. For the rest of you, I thought I would share what I have learned about looking for work while still employed.

1. Don’t look for work while you are working…….until your lunch break. That’s your time. But I can’t guarantee that if your boss catches you that he won’t still fire you. Try to keep it on the DL.

2. When you go home, get all your stuff done for the evening 2 hours before you know you will pass out. For me that is 8pm. It’s the magic hour in our house when both babies are usually asleep. I know, sometimes this is impossible, but it is a good goal. Especially if you think your boss has read your blog about looking for a new job.

3. TURN OFF THE TV……..PUT DOWN YOUR IPHONE. You can easily record Game of Thrones and Facebook will still have pictures of babies and Buzzfeed quizzes tomorrow.

4. Go to your home office, take your laptop to a desk, or set up a cardboard box and put your Speak & Spell on it, whatever you have to do to simulate an actual office. This will keep you focused.

5. Use your time wisely. Two hours is not a lot of time, so divide it into sections so that you can be productive each night. Example: 45 minutes searching job listings, 45 minutes writing/re-writing resumes and cover letters, 45 minutes applying to jobs.

6. When you are done, save all your work in folders on your computer, along with an excel spreadsheet with the date, position applied to, company, email address, and any other pertinent info you might need if they call you for an interview. I have kicked myself many times for not writing down some key information about a position I applied for and sounded like a dumb ass on the phone. Never again!

7. Go to bed. Applying to jobs when you are drowsy is as bad as drunk dialing. You will regret it later.

8. The next day take 5 minutes before work to check your email for any correspondence.

9. Go to work, work hard, be a team player, and continue to produce good work for your résumé and make lasting contacts in your industry. Your ship will come in soon and you will be glad that you were professional about your job search.

……..but if it’s like real REAL bad, and you need to get the heck out of dodge, like, yesterday, then you need to get on the phone with your friends and everyone you know that has a job. Be real. The people who answered the phone like you for some reason, so be that person that they like, not the desperate job-hungry one you are now. Ask them how they are doing, how their kids/dog/plants are, if they saw the new Godzilla movie, etc. And here’s the kicker: MEAN IT. These people are in your network, which means they are friends, not headhunters. So be a good friend. When they ask how you are doing, tell them how you are doing, be honest. More than likely they will offer to look out for any openings they hear about. This will vastly improve your chances of finding a new job sooner.


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