Working Mom Dilemmas

So I’ve been taking my postpartum work situation day by day, but it is finally starting to come to an apex of sorts. I am going to have to take action very soon.

The main issue is child care.

The daycare our children attend is mostly wonderful, but because it is affiliated with the School District, most of the children are home with their teacher parents during the summer.

What does that mean for my kiddos? It means they get shuffled around to centers they have never been before, with care givers they don’t know, and children they have never played with.

Now Squishy Bug is very social and has already embraced¬†making new friends. But he has his limits, and I don’t want to push them. It’s just not fair.

Panda’s situation is even more dire because she is so very tiny still. Her schedule is already off and I am getting up with her two and three times a night.

So all of that is making me very depressed.

And very very tired.

Because I still have to drag my butt to work each morning.

At work, I am still feeling some prickliness from coworkers, who to be fair, probably see that I am trying to change jobs. Are they justified in being mean? No, and I would never do that to one of them. But I understand wanting to move on with someone else eager to fill the position.

I am also having a hard time pumping at work, even though I did finally get my own office (Hooray!). I have to work in the field some and there is always a meeting to attend, so sometimes I am not getting to pump three times a day.

And lastly, there is the sadness.

I am sitting here at a desk while my sweet babies grow up with strangers. I can barely talk about it these days without crying.

So I am going to take some drastic measures soon. Exactly what, I am not sure, but something has to be done or I am going to have some major regret on my hands.


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