Potty Training Update

It is finally Friday again, thank the stars! I can’t wait to spend the whole weekend with my sweet babies. We might even go to the pool! That’s if I can get 700 things together first. I am imagine it will be like going on a road trip. I’ll pack too much, and everyone will be tired and miserable by the time we get there. Hooray for summer!

But what I wanted to say today was that after I lamented our potty training progress a few days ago Squishy Bug started going!

The key, it turns out, is using the BIG potty. That would be my husband and I’s bathroom. So I just ask him ‘do you want to go use the BIG potty?’ and it just trots in there. He did numbers 1 AND 2 this week!

It was a miracle!

And also I think he might be a genius.


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