I am a mom, a wife, an Engineering professional, and a writer. I work full-time as an engineering professional but hope one day to write the rest of my children’s science fiction novels while I sit at a little desk by a bay window and drink coffee. Until then, I’ll just write on my lunch break and on my sofa after my kids go to bed.


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  1. Good luck… I occasionally wish I could work harder at maintaining the writer’s image. Just not the drunken and depressed part. Most of my writing is done in a basement office… fortunately it’s a daylight basement with windows. Science fiction for kids sounds like a winner… currently anything about zombies seems destined to be on kids’ summer reading list!

  2. Writers are the most loosely defined profession, so I think it causes all of us to have an identity crisis now and then. Of course, I constantly compare my writing to other writers, but after I ritually sacrifice a few copies of their Best Seller and sober up with a few cups of espresso and trucker’s speed, I return to my philosophy that ‘I am defined by my actions, not the results’. And I manage to write a few more pages under that delusion for another day.

    Thanks for the encouragement, though. I love hard core science fiction, and I really want to create an interesting story that I think my children might want to read one day, and perhaps, just maybe, spark an interest in science and engineering.

    PS – I really liked your blog “Gotcha!” Children are amazing, all the best stories come from them.

  3. Thanks again… I’ve learned a lot from kids–they are responsible for my book, “Small People–Big Brains.” I worked with a fourth grader recently who “couldn’t think of anything to write about” (during free write, when they are supposed to just write about anything they want). I feel a little bad that I explained writers’ block to her–labeling things tends to give them credibility–but also said “Just start writing, even if it’s nonsense random words… that’s what I do…” (actions, not results!)… She did and later during sharing time, read a great introduction to a story that I hope she finishes. (I love the idea that I might spark an interest in writing!)

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